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The last 2 nights I went to our new facility with 2 of our 3 captains, and the 2 coaches straight from work.

We assembled a 17 or 20 foot boxing ring and made our construction zone-happy looking gym ready for our first night this evening.

Over saturday/sunday I spent a total of 12-hours with the guys.

I'll give a small description of our layout:

glass window front, left wall will be bags, about 40 foot in there are two small office the left one is a small weight-room, the other is a general office to be.

Behind these two rooms is our grappling room it is just as it's about 20 foot by 40 I believe.

to the left and back about 40 are two bathrooms, a generator closet, sink/locker area. then to the right towards the front will be uppercut bags/speed.

Day 16

we have plenty of room to jog around our new building, it's about 150-200 foot long I think and about 50 foot wide maybe.

I didn't keep track but I will in the future to how many laps I make.

30 minute jog, 6x20 pushup & 6x 25 crunch circuit ( 3x25, 3x20/ 6x50) for me this evening.

after this we did four 5-minute rounds of calisthenics.

at this point, which I really enjoy is anyone under 17 went to the grappling room to work with jeff. Everyone else stayed in the boxing ring with Brad.

We worked 5-minute rounds.

Ball of feet shuffling around the inside of the ring one way then swapped. each 5-minutes per way.

then 2 rounds of this but throwing a jab each time you shuffled.

2 rounds where we broke in 2's two stayed in the ring. The 2 in the ring were in each diagonal corner and stepped towards the opposite throwing a "stepping-jab", then back to the original corner with a reverse jab and repeat.

when the 2 rounds were done we swapped. The other set who were outside of the ring were on our 2 bags that are up atm.

I fired a steady stream of 1-2....1-2 for the 10 minutes.

after this we worked 2 rounds of ducking and moving under our partner's arms, like a rope drill without the rope.

after the rope drill 2 rounds of 1-2 combos to a partner who would catch the jab then "answer the phone" like in jiu-jitsu and slip the right I guess.

at this point we were done conditioning for the evening.

We had one sparring bout this evening. I thought about going for a bout but was too gassed...damn I love brad!

There was a pullup station, and I went for burnout and came up with 9 full reps before failure. I consider that a hell of an accomplishment due to the fatigue and the fact that I haven't done the exercise.


I have taken in 3-gallon of liquids today...about 2500 calories.

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