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Originally Posted by Judoka82 View Post
Name is Grappleretaded
Join date: Jun 2012

Nnuff said?

You only mention the fights in the tail end of his career, you could easily mention a lot of great fights he has won. Pretty ignorant post. not to mention how quickly he was to get his BB compared to the rest of the world
The sheer irony of this post is hilarious.

Name is Judoka82 - What a truly original, inspiring and well thought out username you have there bro. At least I tried to inject some humour and thought into my username, rather than settle for a generic name with a number at the end of it.

Join date: November 2012. You have a later join date than me, and you are some how using a forums joins date as an indication of a users MMA knowledge? What a bright spark you are, sport.

The last paragraph of your post clearly indicates that you either massively lack basic reading comprehension and common sense, or you simply didn't actually read my two posts in this thread at all.


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