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Originally Posted by RWCNT View Post
Who said middle fingers are cool or classy?
Not you? So don't bother.

Originally Posted by RWCNT View Post
I didn't follow Big Nog's career from the start. (I was 9 and for some reason the only video shop in my town didn't sell copies of RINGS on VHS, weird I know) What about his many fights would make me any less annoyed by the pointless post-fight injury claims?
We're even then, I guess. Yo're annoyed by his "claims" and I am annoyed by yours.
Originally Posted by RWCNT View Post
That "legendary warrior" stuff is bull anyways, just because someone has a whole mess of fights and a legacy doesn't make them morally infallible.
Certainly doesn't mean otherwise, but you like to make it sound like it does. This is more insulting than his "claims", but yeah, you were only 9.
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