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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post

JDS isn't Bigfoot Silva. If you can't tell the difference, then please stop watching MMA immediately. Cain destroyed a second tier fighter. Good on him. He made his statement. But JDS is the champion, and for good reason. If Cain could destroy him, he would have in their first encounter.

People base their belief that JDS can't be taken down on the fact that he hasn't been taken and/or kept down since coming to the UFC. Cain also failed to take Junior down, regardless of the quality of his attempt. We're basing our beliefs off of empirical evidence. Whereas you're speculating and nothing more.

'Cain will take JDS down and he won't get back up'... and you base this off of what? Cain's taking down a slow and plodding Big Foot? Junior's stuffing of Cain's takedown attempt? Junior's KO of Cain? You base it off of absolutely nothing, and yet you have the balls to call out anyone who thinks that Junior will be able to stave off Cain's takedowns? Cool story, bro.
Where did I compare?. I wrote that Cain made a statement in the silva fight. Silva is still a top ten heavyweight and people on here go on as if he was just some man pulled of the street. Cain has ran through every opponent in The UFC and this fight I believe will be no different. Sure both men where injured the first fight, i ain't gonna argue with that but Cain was off his game.

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