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Originally Posted by Ludinator View Post
Where did I compare?. I wrote that Cain made a statement in the silva fight. Silva is still a top ten heavyweight and people on here go on as if he was just some man pulled of the street. Cain has ran through every opponent in The UFC and this fight I believe will be no different. Sure both men where injured the first fight, i ain't gonna argue with that but Cain was off his game.
How was he off his game exactly? Because he was hurt? Well if that's the case Junior was off his.

Junior's been nearly flawless in the UFC and he has either stopped or just flat out beat up everyone's he fought in the UFC, he really is underrated when it comes to the discussion of whose the best fighter in the world.

- KO's Werdum
- Stop's Struve
- Batters Cro Cop, blinds him.
- Stops Yvel
- KO's Gonzaga
- Batters Nelson in a war
- Batters Carwin
- KO's Cain
- Stop's Mir.

It really is an amazing run he's had thus far, everyone knows his intentions and he's been able to execute them, the first fight was no fluke it was right in line with Junior's entire UFC career, he hit his opponent and they either fell down or they made it the full fifteen and took an ass whipping in the process, Cain fell down and Junior ended his night.

I find it laughable anyone will write off the first fight as a fluke or a lucky punch, as I said, the first fight went like every other fight he's had in the UFC, he just ended it quicker than any other he's had and if he puts his hands on Cain again the same will happen in the rematch.

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