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Originally Posted by Drogo View Post
I haven't watched it (hour and half, no thanks) but that doesn't make sense. The most advantageous weight for the fight for GSP is 185. No matter what weight it is technically at, Silva has a weight advantage, he is going to walk into the ring at least 10-15 pounds bigger. Given that, better for GSP to have it at 185 where Silva's title is on the line but GSP's isn't, where GSP gets the most credit for winning and where his reputation suffers the least if he loses.
He's not talking about the circumstances surrounding the fight, but just strictly the turnout of the fight itself. I agree that if the GSP/Anderson Silva fight were to happen at 185 lbs, Silva would have a lot more to lose. P4P ranking, MW title, Endorcements etc... However as far as the fight turn out goes, Silva would have the advantage.

GSP has reitirated time and time again that if he were to go up and fight at 185 lbs, he would have to put on the necessary muscle and train his body up to 185 lbs which would take around 8 - 10 months. So basically he's saying the his primary weight class is 170. At 185 lbs, Anderson would be fighting at his natural weight class while GSP would be bigger and slower, which would be a huge problem for GSP. The primary purpose of this type of negotiation is so that Anderson can have the least advantage, not GSP (I will explain why after the next qoute). The lower the weight class that this fight takes place at, the more advantage GSP has because of how drained and weak Anderson would be.

Originally Posted by Drogo View Post
It is the same as GSP-Penn II, there GSP had to risk far more than Penn did. He was the bigger fighter, he has his title on the line, Penn didn't. Now GSP gets to freeroll from the other end. He should be jumping at the chance to do it and as a GSP fan I'm really disappointed that he isn't trying harder to make it happen (not that I believe the 50 million thing, that is obviously bogus) but GSP should be chomping at the bit for this fight and it is clear that he is reluctant.
It is the same as GSP/Penn as far as BJ Penn being the person who challenged GSP. Circumstantially, GSP had more to risk because his title was on the line, while BJ was fighting basically to gain a title and for pound for Pound rights. However, as far as the fight turnout goes, GSP had the advantage because GSP was in his natural weight class while BJ Penn was not. But that was the price BJ had to pay for being the person who challenged GSP, the responsability was on BJ to meet where GSP wanted to fight.

The same applies here. Because Anderson is the challenger, the ownis is on him to meet the requirements of GSP, not the other way around. it makes no sense to challenge someone who may/may not want to fight you, then on top of that, make them compete at an uncomfortable position.

I'm not going to say that GSP doesn't have the heart or toughness to take big fights or isn't a "True Fighter", but the difference between someone like GSP and someone like BJ penn or Nick Diaz is that GSP sees himself as a ambassador first, fighter second while someone such as BJ Penn sees himself as a fighter first, ambassador second. GSP's focus is more on building himself as a marketable UFC brand, and if he is to fight someone the may probably beat him (such as Anderson Silva) and cause him to lose endorcements, he would want the full beneficits that would nullify those sacrifices. BJ Penn on the other hand cares more about the competitive nature of MMA and wants to challange himself against the best possible people to see how good he really is, and doesn't really focus on endorcements, and legucy building (atleast not from what I heard). One guy may be a wealthy UFC representitive while the other may be seen as more of a fearless warrior to the fans.

Nice to see a GSP fan that actually wants this fight to happen for a change.
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