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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Which came first

The shorts holding or the moronic spinning backfist???

The shorts holding.

If Chael was able to get Anderson down we would have had a different fight. A fight in which Chael may or may not throw that spinning backfist.
Too bad he didn't.

He didn't have his hands connected behind Anderson's hips either and wasn't very deep on the double...I could just as arbitrarily use that as a reason he didn't get the takedown.

But considering this coming from the best poster on this site, it's no surprise such a fine excuse would be made.

Also, short grabbing is a minor foul and no one cares about it unless it's excessive. It really shouldn't be illegal at all and it was so benign that even Chael's coach admitted that Sonnen grabbed Silva's shorts as well at one point in the fight.

If Chael supporters have any legit gripe, it's that Anderson clearly hit him with a technically illegal strike. He didn't hit his head with his knee as the point of his knee clearly drove into Chael's chest, but the top of his thigh deflected off of Chael's face and according to him made him "bite his lip". I suppose this would be an illegal kick....but if Chael supporters are so ardent in their support that they think their hero should've been gifted a win off of a technicality(even though Chael was clearly hurt to the body and the thigh to the mouth did almost no real damage), more power to you....I don't think most will agree or take you seriously...especially when it's defending a known steroid cheat.

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