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Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post

He's not talking about the circumstances surrounding the fight, but just strictly the turnout of the fight itself. I agree that if the GSP/Anderson Silva fight were to happen at 185 lbs, Silva would have a lot more to lose. P4P ranking, MW title, Endorcements etc... However as far as the fight turn out goes, Silva would have the advantage.

Nice to see a GSP fan that actually wants this fight to happen for a change.
Ah, I see, I thought he was talking about the fight more overall. Yes, of course purely from the standpoint of the actual fight GSP is better off the more Anderson has to cut.

As for GSP fans wanting it to happen, you seem to imply many don't. I think the vast majority of them do, even if they think GSP is likely to lose (which I think he is). They are the pretty clear #1 and #2, how the hell can you not want to see it?

Even if GSP had flat out said from the beginning "I don't want the fight." I'd still want to see it but I could understand where GSP was coming from. We have weight classes for a reason, he has a lot of reputation to risk, he wants to stay at 170 rather than screw around changing his body size a lot, etc, etc, whatever. That would be a reasonable position.

My main beef with GSP here is that isn't what he has said (for the most part). He keeps saying things like "Money isn't that important now, I fight for a legacy." or "I want to be the best ever.", etc. If he actually believes that, then he should be jumping at the chance to fight Silva. If he beats Silva he is the best ever, how could anyone say otherwise? This is his chance to stamp an indelible mark on MMA and he seems a little slow at taking that chance. When I see that I can't help but think one of two things:

1) This legacy talk is not true.

2) It is true but he really, really thinks he can't beat Silva.

Both are disappointing.
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