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Downloaded Resident Evil 5 on Playstation Plus for free.


Can someone explain the appeal of this game? Why would you want to play a game on PS3 that handles like a Playstation 1 game? At least Resident Evil 4 had a creepy atmosphere.

I recently played through Silent Hill again and I can put up with the awful controls in that because it actually IS a Playstation 1 game and it still has an unsurpassed storyline imo.

But RE 5, trying to get headshots while the enemies move around gracefully and you're stuck static in one place while aiming, no zoom on the pistol... Urgh... I still have RE4 on my Gamecube and I remember even back then being bewildered that you couldn't move while aiming. But in 2012 this just feels so dated despite the graphics. Just make it a FPS if you're so determined to fill the screen up with enemies while neglecting the atmosphere that made the first RE game good in the first place.

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