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TBH alot of MMA fighters surprisingly come off as sht talkers. I expected them to be more respectful and less highschool.

I understand people online talking crap about Seagal. Thats what people online do anyway.
But Randy and other fighters are Mixed Martial Artists. Many of them have probably met Steven Seagal and acted friendly in front of him. So far iv not seen Seagal bad mouth anyone. He has nothing but respect for MMA and the UFC. He has taken an active role in helping Anderson and the camp (Whether he actually helps or not i have no clue). I mean really the guy has been nothing but a gentleman to the whole MMA community.
Yet MMA fighters are constantly making fun of him. Which wouldnt be so bad but they are making fun of a man in a publicly manner who has done nothing but show respect to everyone.

Now i dont really find it a big deal or anything but i just cant help but think its a bit immature. Especially since the person they are mocking is 60 years old. And mixed martial arts is supposed to be about respect.
And im not talking about Randy specifically here. Over the last year iv seen quiet a bit of fighters make comments here and there.

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