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How much weight fighters cut.

I noticed in alot of topics that things go abit of topic and members start to talk about weight cutting and size advantage. Jon Jones, Gsp, Silva, Benderson Henders are a few names that come to mind as of late. So I thought I'd start a thread to talk about things like that in one place.

I posted this in another thread because people were posting that Henderson walks around at 190+.

John Crouch: You know, the truth is that Ben's size is exaggerated. He's not by any stretch a huge lightweight. Does he have huge legs? Yeah, he's got huge legs, but he walks around at 175. I have two lightweights in my gym that are heavier than Ben. I have '45-ers that walk around the same size as Ben does. God bless Joe Rogan, I love him, but Ben is not huge. It's not really ever too hard of a weight cut. That being said, he adjusts his diet and he makes sure he takes care of his nutrition. He did a great job with this camp. I wouldn't say this weight cut was any easier or harder than any other one.

He's missed weight on his initial tries because he's a half pound over but that's just because he doesn't like to be under. He was actually when he got off the scale, he looked at me and told me how mad he was that he was under by .6 pounds because "that's a half bottle of water I could have had right there." He'd like to tough that 155 mark the second he steps off the scale and the second he steps off, he wants to be at 160, you know what I mean? It was a pretty easy weight cut, but they're all like that with Ben. he's pretty disciplined and it was pretty much the same.

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