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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I don't want to act like Hunt has some amazing record. And I like both of these guys. Struve has potential to be pretty good.

But who has Struve beat? Hunt gets overrated by his fans and Struve gets overrated by his. But who has Struve beat? Why do many people think he is Rickson Gracie? Because he sub'd Lavar Johnson and Pat Barry? Anytime he has fought a decent or good fighter he has gotten KO'd.

Rothwell and Kongo are probably both better than anyone Struve has beat.

If they roll around on the ground of course Struve has a big advantage. But if they stay standing Hunt has a huge advantage. Last I checked fights start standing. Last I checked Struve didn't have very good TDs.

They both have ways to win. But I think people are overrating Struve more than they are overrating Hunt.

Lavar Johnson and Pat Barry both have worse ground games than Hunt in my opinion.
I don't think it has as much to do with Struve and who he's beat as much as it does Hunt and who he's lost to, namely Sean McCorkle who didn't just beat him but finished him.

Because of that I can't take Mark Hunt seriously as a contender or a relevant fighter in MMA today, Sean McCorkle is pretty bad, and yeah it was two years ago but Hunt's "improved" ground game isn't really all that improved to me, I still remain adamant had he and Rothwell not fought in Colorado he'd have lost to him and I expect Struve to wrap him up fairly quickly.

I also don't care about his victory over Chieck Kongo, let's not act like Kongo's some world-beater who fought for the title in the past.

Either way, I'm not convinced either of these guys is a legit contender and I don't even think they're top ten and I certainly don't see them beating Junior, Cain, Reem, Cormier, or Barnett.

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