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Yeah, the fights are pretty terrible this season. It's kind of funny actually. They talk a load of trash to each other, but then when they actually get inside the octagon, most of them are content with just leaning each other against the fence and attempting to hold each other down waiting for the time to run out, and how about the ridiculous over use of the back mount? It's a dominant position for sure, but you see guys take each others back, and once locking in a decent body triangle, they coast and ride each other for 5 minutes without doing any real damage. It's as if they're thinking "Well, I got a very dominant position, but I'm not gonna do much just in case I lose it. I'm not very skilled after all. At least I'll win the round either way cause he's not going anywhere."

Secor vs. Hill was cringe worthy. I scored it for Secor, but neither deserved the win. I thought it was funny that Hill won actually. Secor took his back and just did.. Nothing. Hill wasn't good enough to get out of that position, and Secor just clinged on to him the entire time waiting for the time to run out thus making us wish we never tuned in. It was boring, sloppy, and justice was served by giving the loser the win. Maybe it will encourage guys to not have such ridiculous tactics.

I get it, they want to win the tournament and don't want to risk losing, but do they realize that if they end up losing, Dana will want nothing to do with them? Nobody wants to bring back a boring grinder. (There are exciting grinders out there, just not on this show.) Although, a guy who brings it and is exciting, he's more likely to be brought back down the line, if not immediately. Last season is an example. It was considered a very good season, and because of that, every guy got a second chance. That should be looked at more by future TUF contestants. I don't get why it isn't already.

That being said, I'm hoping Colton and Ricci make it to the finals. They're fighting out of their weight classes, and are still winning. They are really the only ones with any sort of skills and potential on the show in my opinion.

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