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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
Big surprise, I disagree with everything you said. The LW division is a shark tank and will devour Gil whole if he is dumb enough to test those waters. His wrestling is better than average but I think guys like Guida, Maynard, etc, would destroy him there. His striking is really poor, he would get lit up by pretty much anyone in the top 10.

Gil is probably really sad that he has to leave the pond to go into the ocean.
Guida's not even there anymore and Gil and Clay already fought, Gil won, granted it was six years ago, but Gil has clearly improved more.

And the Lightweight division is not a shark tank it's just the only division that doesn't have a dominant champion, that doesn't make it deep or a shark tank or any such thing, after the top five guys(Ben, Nate, Anthony, Gray, and Donald) the drop off is pretty noticeable, and no one after that is a legit title contender.

Originally Posted by leifdawg View Post
Anthony Pettis is going to need some better TDD before he is the best in a division dominated by wrestlers. Maynard, Edgar, Gil, etc. all handle Pettis pretty easily IMO.
Edgar doesn't fight at 155 anymore and Pettis' TDD has improved, he's traning with Ben Askren whose one of the best wrestlers in MMA and now he's out-wrestling guys now and knocking them out.

Mind you, he didn't need tdd when he put the current Lightweight Champ on highlight reels for the ages so that aspect is pretty over blown, he had a bad UFC debut but he's got over that and he's got better.

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