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Originally Posted by HadouKEN View Post
I agree, Diaz bros normally don't win a lot of decisions. I'd like to see Ben use a lot of leg kicks on Nate and then go for the take down (Nate Diaz has suspect take down defense). When/if he gets Diaz on his back he has to immediately get to side mount, he can't get himself in Nate's guard.

Ben has great conditioning and I see him pushing the pace in this fight. Ben's M.O. should be takedowns takedowns and takedowns. He has a really good guillotine submission defense and good rear naked choke defense.

For Nate Diaz to win this fight he needs to make sure he using his flurry punches a lot, keeping the distance and not getting take down.

My prediction: Ben Henderson by decision based on conditioning and take downs.
His conditioning will be tested too, the Diaz brothers are known for zapping guys' cardio with their style of boxing, if Nate can back him up then he could probably zap some of it out of him with body shots.

I don't think this is the same Nate that got controlled by Guida and Joe Daddy, if he was Jim Miller would have done the same thing to him they did. This is a five round fight and while people will point to Rory demolishing him I would suggest we look at the Stun-Gun fight where he came on strong against an exceptional grappler at a higher weight class. I expected Miller to use that same style but Nate dropped him and finished him off in brutal fashion, I'm hoping he does the same here because it'd be really nice to see Bendo take a beating.

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