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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
LL is a unique poster. He always talks in absolutes and with a 100% guarantee attitude. He has 20 favorite fighters and anytime one fights, he guarantees victory. He goes around making strong, bold claims....but I never see him eat crow afterwards.

Michael Chandler is the best LW on the planet? Are you serious?

Pettis is a beast...but geez lets see him actually fight a top guy in the UFC. He lost to Clay Guida. He beat Jeremey Stephens in a blah fight. And he head-kicked Joe Lauzon early...Lets not act like because he trains with Askren that he is now some beast of a wrestler. Kid has great potential but hasn't beat anyone in the UFC yet. Couple decent wins and he was held down by Guida where his amazing active guard could do nothing against him..
Yes Chandler right now is the best in the world, imo. Out of Ben Henderson, Michael Chandler, and Gilbert Melendez whose looked the most impressive in the last year?

Chandler easily, and he had to beat Eddie Alvarez in one of the best fights of the year to get there where many feel Melendez and Henderson lost their last fights, and honestly I'd take Chandler over both of those guys if he fought them.

I also don't understand why people constantly bring up the Guida fight, is Clay Guida the UFC Lightweight Champion? No, Ben Henderson is the same guy Pettis embarrassed. If it was easy to hold Pettis down then Ben would have done it back before Clay did but he couldn't, and there's a reason for that he's not on Pettis' level and yeah Guida may have beat him but every dog has his day as they say. Guida's not in the picture anymore, Ben is and when Pettis gets to the title shot he's gonna KO whoever's in his way.

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