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Hendricks is a rightful #1 conteder.

But I can do nothing but laugh at people who are getting their panties in a bunch because it "isn't fair".

Life ain't fair kids. If you believe this stuff has anything to do with fair then you have been kidding yourself for a long time. The UFC and MMA, boxing, WWF, kickboxing has done this for years. It is about what sells. The UFC is a business for gods sakes.

People say well it "isn't becoming a sport". Well not many "sports" have a format where a matchmaker picks fights. They have a regular season to determine seeding. And then a playoff or tournament to crown a champ. The NFL would send a combo of the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys and Giants if they had a format that picked a "worthy" opponent. But that isn't the format so please don't compare it.

Diaz fought about even with a guy who got the shot. GSP would rather fight Nick. Majority of fans would rather it be Nick. The UFC would make more money off a Diaz fight. GSP's trainer calls Diaz the #1 contender.

WHAT THE HELL MORE DO YOU WANT? All parties involved in anything to do with MMA would rather have that fight besides a smaller minority of fans.

Sorry but majority wins out every time. Sorry you fell in the 18% of people that would rather see Hendricks.
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