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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
And why are people not interested in it? That's what I can't figure out

You like fights don't you? Well, isn't Women's MMA fights? Everybody says they dislike it and they won't watch it, yet they never explain why. If you like MMA yet you won't watch Women's MMA, why it is that is stopping you from watching it?

Life Be Ez just said he likes Ronda yet for some reason he's compared a card with a title fight, Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson, and Urijah Faber on it to a card that was basically a TUF Finale. I'm not taking a shot at him I'm just wondering why he feels this way and why people constantly put it down yet they never explain why.

I really can't figure out, if you like MMA you should be open to Women's MMA, it's not like the WNBA where the girls can't dunk or play like the Clippers.
It is like the WNBA. Is Liz Carmouche a full time fighter? Or part time? That is worse than the WNBA. At least all those girls are full time players.

I didn't grow into this sport watching women The division is shallow at best. They aren't as quick, aren't as technical, aren't as good of wrestlers, aren't as well versed in BJJ. The ones who are good in an area are usually poor in another. Ronda is the champ by far yet I would guess is a novice striker.

The only girl with elite credentials in Ronda with her Judo. And guess what? We all love her and are interested in her. WMMA is far behind. Much like the 125lb Men's class but 20x worse. It has few legit, full time fighters.

Will I avoid it like the plague? No. But I'm not interested in it. Just like I'm not interested in new hip hop music. Or soccer(football). Or tennis. Or womens basketball, golf, or hockey.

Do you need a reason why I don't care for those things? Or is me telling you that they don't interest me enough?
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