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Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
Aldo is small. 125 is smaller than most junior high kids.

Would you be in favor of a 115 lb division? 105? 95? Or how about we add a full gambit of divisions for the women. Why shouldn't a women too small/big to fight Rousey get a chance? How about we add a few "special" divisions for those amongst us who are physically and/or mentally impaired. MMA for dogs? Cats? Why not. A true MMA fan would watch.

The point I'm trying to make is that you have to draw the line somewhere. I draw it firmly on this side of pretending that women's MMA is a good idea.
I think that women's MMA is a good idea, just not in the UFC right now. Keep that in smaller orgs until there's a much larger skill range and roster range.

Right now I know literally 2 female MMA fighters, that's it, and they aren't even fighting. I've been into MMA longer than A LOT of people, I know more about the history/sport than many, yet I know - 2 - female MMA fighters. Imagine how much the masses know?

When the female divisoin gets more talent/skill, and I'm not watching 1 decent fighter destroy a bunch of part-time fighters with extremely low skill, and there's enough people in the division to actually matter, then I'll be happy to watch main event PPV like this.

Until then, I have 0 interest watching an average fighter at best when compared to other divisions in the UFC (Ronda) beating up part-time skillless fighters that shouldn't even be doing this until they train more.
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