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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
BOOM. Hypocrite example alert!

As most thought Diaz was the interim champ.

And would you and others quit with the "this isn't becoming a sport". What sport? Football? They are structured none the same?

Boxing and kickboxing are some examples of other matchmaking sports. And they always do safer or bigger money fights. Or protect certain fights in boxings case. So just stop with this sport nonsense. MMA is nothing like the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL. So what sport are you comparing it too?
I thought this "wasn't Boxing"

I thought this was "the best in the world fighting the best in the world" That's what they've said for years, well clearly it isn't. The UFC has falsely advertised it's product and lied to it's fans.

Diaz is not the interim Champ, and his fight with Condit was not nearly as close as the Henderson/Edgar fight was, he was clearly out-struck in rounds 1, 3, and 4 and his takedowns in the fifth round indicated that he was losing the fight and he knew it, you can complain about Condit running all you want, he still out-struck and still beat him. Edgar clearly won the four rounds against Henderson who did next to nothing after the first. The only reason Nick was gonna get an immediate rematch is because the UFC (obviously) wants GSP/Diaz because it'll make them money.

You're extremely obnoxious, and the only reason you're for this fight is because it's Diaz, rest assured if this was Condit or Fitch or anyone not named Nick Diaz you'd be whining about it. - Stats don't lie, Frankie got robbed and Nick didn't.

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