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Originally Posted by Buakaw_GSP View Post
They werent "taken" from him, he left them on the table. Their is no ounce of victimizing against Diaz here.

Yeah, it was pretty bullshit when Diaz injured GSP's leg and then faught Condit instead. Wait, what?

Most wouldnt complain because its 2 of the Top 3 P4P fighters going at it, they are both champs, winners and deserved it, totally different scenario. And I dont like Hendricks but yes I do. The big flaw of Diaz is that he always goes in with a general idea of what he wants to do, he doesent go into fights with a specific gameplan for each opponent. All Hendricks needs to do is make him think a little outside of his zone, and Diaz with crumble, and then "retire" again. He is no different than Rampage, he just wants someone to fight his fight, as long as you dont do that, they fold and complain. I dont like Mayweather either, but do you think I would complain if he fought Pacman? Not really has nothing to do with like or dislike. Nick Diaz is overrated trash, UFC handing out free title fights like it was going out of style. At least Nate Diaz played the game and deserved his Title Shot. Its a travesty that he is lumped together with Nick, I dont feel any sympathy with the UFC making the same mistakes as PRIDE did before its sudden implosion. MMA organizations form and die. MMA will live on without the UFC killing itself.

I dont think Hendricks is the kind of guy that would turn down the fight though. Hes either going to exchange or go for the takedown, he wont turn away like Condit.

And lets not get dramatic. The UFC is the fastest rising sports company on the planet. It couldnt be anything further away from dying. Diaz was only one fight away. Dana probably was going to feed him Kos, or if GSP faught Anderson, it'd be the worthy Diaz Vs Hendricks fight. GSP personally asked to fight Diaz. What is Dana to do? As he said, the guy never asks for anything and now he does, so he's going to obligue one of his most loyal and epic champions of all time. Hendricks has nothing but one punch for GSP. Diaz has great submissions and a better stand up game. Whether or not he gets to even attempt to use any of it, time will tell, but having key areas alone makes him a more formiddable foe than Hendricks (although obv Hendricks deserves it more at the time being).
All in all, I think this site is losing more actual fans day by day. If everyone likes the "good old days" so much, buy the DVDs. To me, the UFC is at it's more talent enriched stage of all time, and sometimes they have to cater to the majority of the fans. MUCH more people want to see Diaz Vs GSP than Hendricks Vs GSP, just like more people want to see Velasquez Vs JDS 2 than they did Travis Browne Vs JDS (As someone earlier said was the rightful contender before the Bigfoot fight).

Man, I swear the internet is just designed for people to bitch. This is an exciting as fuk fight. If anyone should not want to see Diaz get smashed, it should be his fans. If people dont like Diaz, then just tune in to see, as you expect, him get broken up. To me, he's my #1 all time, and to see him get a crack at a true legend is great.

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