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Originally Posted by 3DLee View Post
actually, this is the only positive I see here. Im a huge Hendo fan and knowing that hes only gotta go 3 rounds to get to the winner of Jones/Sonnen makes me happy. Other than that, Im with you guys. Women's MMA wont bring in a new demographic, it'll turn away the old demographic. I'm a 25 year old male and I hate watching women fight just because as I southern man I was raised to be protective of women. I cringed all the way thru Cyborg vs Carano and then completely stopped watching women's MMA after that. At this point, I still think Carano vs Rousey would sell better than Cyborg vs Rousey.
Same here. Im not against women mma, hell i wouldnt care if it was even on the FX fights or something. But come on, just because its rhonda doesnt mean she should EVER be in a main event.

I can ensure you that if hendo/machida were the headliner more people would buy it. But for the shear fact that women are headlining... i'd say ATLEAST 80% of the people that would think about buying it or going somewhere to watch it, simply won't.

Again, women want to fight? Go ahead. I'll skip around it unless it's actually an intriguing fight. But rhonda against some dike that .2% of mma fans have ever even heard of... NO THANKS. I mean think about the amount of mma fans that actually know rhonda rousey.. Maybe 3-5%? There arent even enough women fighters to create a division. Freaking retarded. Not to mention their actual skill sets.

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