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Some people just can't back slower less dynamic fighters. They love video game fighters who do crazy stuff. Hendo plods forward and KO's people with 1 hand. Same reason many can't stand the Diaz brothers and say they are overrated. They don't understand how a slower pitter patter style can work. Doesn't matter if it is highly effective. People these days care about flash and/or personalities.

"he doesn't have a chance against Fedor, he is too slow and Fedor has a huge ground advantage" 1st round KO for Hendo.

"he can't beat Shogun. he is too slow, Shogun has more ways to win" Hendo completely dominated Shogun for 3 of the "fresh" rounds. At that pace Hendo gassed. He owned Shogun when they were fresh.

"he can't beat Penn. Nick is too slow, and Penn will come right down the middle. Penn has the better ground game and wrestling. and hits harder!" Nick Diaz owned Penn for 75% of that fight. Owned like Penn has never been owned before on teh feet.

"he can't beat Cerrone. he is too slow and Cerrone has better stand up. Cerrone can also cancel out his Jitz. hell Cerrone could probably take Nate down if he wants!" Nate Diaz destroyed Cerrone. DESTROYED.

"I pick Jim Miller. Nate Diaz has no wrestling. Jim Miller has good BJJ. Miller wil take him down and stay out of subs all night" Nate Diaz gave him an ass whooping.

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