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Originally Posted by Rygu View Post
The integrity of the UFC is slipping with this kind of shit. Diaz beats Penn and loses to Condit both by decision, Hendricks KOs Fitch and Kampmann and Diaz gets the next shot?

Dana is going for PPV buys and nothing more with that fight. As much as I'd love to watch GSP put a beating on crybaby Diaz, Hendricks deserves the next title shot plain and simple.

A sad day.
Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
Johny Hendricks, three top 5 welterweights later and shafted once again. They probably feel that Nick is a more favorable match-up for GSP and want to get this fight out the way seeing that this is a marketable rivalry that brings a lot more money to the table than a Hendricks/GSP match up that GSP has a real shot at losing. In any case, I feel bad for Hendricks. There's not a single contender in the UFC that deserves and has rightfully earned a title shot more than this guy.
Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
Totally agree... UFC is about Marketing now...
Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
I've come to understand that the UFC is show business at the end of the day. They need to put on shows that generate the most revenue although sometimes it doesn't necessarily make sense at all.

Diaz getting the title shot is strange when it comes to ranking or wins and losses. But there isn't a sanctioned ranking system.

In the grand scheme of things it's a lot better enforced than Elite or Pride. The latter being heavily corrupted although we got to see some crazy fights in that org.

Besides, this fight was suppose to happen anyways.

GSP by brutal GNP for all 25 minutes straight.
Originally Posted by Dtwizzy2k5 View Post
It's pathetic that the UFC makes fights all based on money now. I know some idiots will defend it by saying "it's a business of course it's about money!" Well guess what, if it's all about money and money is everything then I'm going to save mine by streaming this fight online FREE instead of giving any money to Dana. See? Two can play at the game of maximizing earnings!
Originally Posted by Drogo View Post
The UFC makes it clearer with every passing day they don't give a tin shit about making any attempt to even look like a sport. Another joke of a fight that makes no sense unless you only care about selling tickets. **** the ******* hell off Dana, I can not tell you how much I hate the matchmaking of the UFC lately.
Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
so true. It pains me to say it but i am losing interest. I loved MMA and have been a fan since the 90s but its becoming more and more political and more and more about the money and not the sport. Silva vs Mia was when it started going downhill for me and honestly I haven't bought a PPV since they told the fighters the can't have gun companies as sponsors. All opinion about guns aside it was political BS stunt that is a burden to the fighters. I still am a fan and watch replays online and like to talk about it (and post on this forum) but i am not going to give the 60 USDs an event.
It's nice to see people are coming around and realizing that Dana is bogus...I've been saying it for years.
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