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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
You are right. It isn't. But it isn't football, hockey, basketball, ect. to an even higher degree. All things you call "sports" and are trying to compare it too.

The rest I'm not even going to read. You are just a little punk who thinks he knows everything. On one hand Frankie's shot is sort of justified because a lot of people thought he beat Bendo. But Diaz's is not because YOU say he clearly lost. When the fact of the matter is a lot of people thought he won.

You are a hypocrite to the fullest extent. And when you get exposed as one you try to turn your opinions into facts.

A lot of people thought Frankie beat Bendo. A lot also thought Diaz beat Condit including a few current champs and a few past legends.

I can't discuss things will someone so full of themselves. According to you the fact a lot of people thought Diaz won doesn't matter because you say so. Ok..
The stats don't lie, I don't have to justify because it's already been justified, Condit won and Frankie won, the judges got it right on Condit/Diaz they got it wrong on Frankie/Bendo. If you don't believe me, look it up yourself.

Personally, I wouldn't have given Frankie the title fight, I'd have done Aldo/Korean Zombie because I believe Jung is the rightful top contender, I love Frankie and I think he'll beat Aldo, he doesn't deserve the shot but as I showed you, he beat Ben Henderson the second time, the judges got it wrong, he out-struck and out-grappled him, but again me personally if I was the UFC Matchmaker, it'd be Aldo vs. Jung, not Aldo vs. Edgar.

I love Chael but there's no way on God's green earth he'd be fighting Jones if it was up to me and apparently everyone else feels the same way, I could have gone with him fighting Jones back in September because he's the only guy who stepped up but now Dan Henderson is healthy set to fight in February against Machida, he should be coaching TUF, not Chael, but again I'm not the match maker and personally I feel for Dan because he'll never get that title shot after Machida lights him up in February.

This? Well, my feelings are well known, Johny Hendricks did everything he could have possibly done and he got pushed to the side because Nick Diaz runs his mouth and he doesn't.

It's the UFC's digression, I'm a fan eventually I'll get over it but I don't have to like it and I don't like any of these three fights truth be told, even Aldo/Edgar which is some-what justifiable the only one of these fights are, but I will take great pleasure in watching GSP toss Nick around like a rag doll and then bash his brains into the canvas, hopefully in Montreal in March because we all know it's gonna happen. Nick doesn't have a chance of winning this.

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