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Seriously, people need to relax GSP, Diaz is a great fight. The want it, GSP and DIAZ want it, so let it happen. Hendricks will surely have the winner.

I'm a huge Diaz fan, but there is no denying what is going to happen with GSPs wrestling and insane top game.
No it's not.

I know there's a lot of Diaz fanboys out there but get real, GSP doesn't get submitted and he's so much more athletic than Nick it's not even funny, he could probably out-strike him too.

He will probably take him down, bust him open with elbows and everyone will complain because he "lay n prayed".

What the hell's next seriously? Aldo/Edgar was at least plausible because many people think Edgar is the Lightweight Champion.

But then Chael got a title shot, and I like Chael but that's bullshit what they did to Hendo especially since Jones can't fight until April anyway, and now Diaz is getting a title shot over a guy on a five fight win streak. Dana and company better hope Bellator doesn't get big on Spike like they did or I truly think a bunch of fighters will leave, if I was Hendricks I'd leave for sure after this.

I've listened to Rampage bitch and complain for months and I thought he was just being a sore sport but honestly he's got a point, UFC is all about money and they aren't even trying to hide it now. Really hope Bellator makes it at least they treat MMA like a real sport.
Dude did you even read my post, I said GSP and his wrestling and top game will stop Diaz from having any chance of winning.
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