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Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
In case you haven't heard there are more differences between men and women then penises and vaginas.

I'm not saying that women aren't violent or that they don't get in physical fights, just that I'm going to have a hard time taking a women's fight seriously having just watched two guys as skilled and awe-inspiring as Lyoto Machida and Dan Henderson....
Neither of those men have Olympic Medals in their respective martial arts. Lyoto drinks piss and Dan's balls make less testosterone than Rhonda's ovaries do by his own admission. Maybe that's who you want to look up to, but there is a huge untapped market of young women who deserve to have their own role models to emulate.

Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Who is the woman's BJJ specialist? Who is the great striker? Who is the dominant wrestler? Who is a cardio machine? Who packs the biggest punch? Who is most technical.
You have a Judo ace that is new to the sport and already 5x better than the 2nd best woman. Cyborg was probably all of things and turned out to be a straight fraud. The rest of the girls are part-time, novice strikers, novice wrestlers, novice BJJ players.
I wouldn't mind watching a local MMA show with part time novice men fighters. But I wouldn't be that excited about it just because it is MMA. I wouldn't pay good money to see it. Just like I wouldn't totally shy away from WMMA. But it doesn't entice me. It doesn't make me want to pay top dollar for it.
Maybe all of you who are getting so worked up over it watch woman's basketball, hockey, volleyball, golf and so on. Not every one does. Get over it.
I'd rather watch big time college football over high school football. Does that mean I have something against high school sports?
People spazing out make no sense.
Tell you what, in twenty years we'll take women's MMA and compare it to the men's division of today. Seems only fair.
Do you not enjoy classic UFC because the new breed will own all the original fighters?

Also, the only sports I watch are MMA and the NFL when the Saints are playing... I don't have time to sit and watch the rest.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
I wouldn't bother. Some people actually think woman are of comparable athleticism to men.

Troflcopter, it's not about the ladies stealing your heroes spotlight dude. It's about them being given a fair chance to showcase women's martial arts and combat skills. This, in turn, will hopefully help build a platform for more positive female role models for future generations. I know empowered women can be intimidating to boys who play indoors all day, but you should get out there and meet some. Who knows, maybe you'll like being dominated?
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