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Originally Posted by evilappendix View Post
Neither of those men have Olympic Medals in their respective martial arts. Lyoto drinks piss and Dan's balls make less testosterone than Rhonda's ovaries do by his own admission. Maybe that's who you want to look up to, but there is a huge untapped market of young women who deserve to have their own role models to emulate.
1) Ronda winning a bronze medal in Judo is cool and all, but how many women really take Judo that seriously? It's like winning a bronze in the women's yo-yo world championships. Cool. (Also Karate, BJJ, and MMA aren't olympic sports, so I'm not sure how Lyoto is supposed to win an olympic medal.)

2) This has nothing to do with their fighting skill.

3) No there isn't. Women don't watch sports nearly as much as men do, and most prefer to watch men. The only pro womens sports league that has had any sort of success is the WNBA, which only exists because the NBA props them up.

The women's division in the UFC won't last. If we wanted to watch some ugly chicks fight we'd just watch Jerry Springer or some shit.

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