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Everybody is talking about Cain and JDS injuries and how that could have affected their performances and fight result. Injuries are relevant issues and somehow they make through to the media and we all comment about it. If nobody discloses anything, we don't have elements to discuss anything. You lose a car race, you'll find smth to explain the bad performance and that could get down to minor details just like in any top sport. To suggest ppl who never been envolved in any scandal, assault, TRT cheating are lying when the're merely speaking their hearts out is beyond me.
So continue to make the odds to sound like reality. That's the way to go.

Originally Posted by RWCNT View Post
So, your argument against me saying his status as a legend doesn't make him morally infallible is what?
Who would be morally infallible, kid?
Originally Posted by RWCNT View Post
That I'm suggesting his legendary status automatically makes him morally dubious? That's a bit out of the left field.
Yep, and all of that, from start to conclusion came from your fantasious mind.
Originally Posted by RWCNT View Post
If you're grasping at straws you don't have to reply, you know.
Good. You found application for the expression you learnt the other day from your big brother. See? That's how it feels to have the odds used against you. I bet you learnt that from your big brother.

I'll repeat the quote for the last time. If you still don't get it, so you`re still 9 and buzz off.

Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman
Certainly doesn't mean otherwise, but you like to make it sound like it does. This is more insulting than his "claims", but yeah, you were only 9.
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