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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Rory is talented. And I understand beating BJ Penn is more than records and what not, Penn is a vet who has skills.

But a win over Penn really does nothing much in my eyes. I mean it would be his best win by far, he has few if any real good wins.

But he is fighting a washed up LW coming out of retirement. He is the 3 to 1 favorite. He SHOULD win this fight, it is served up on a platter to him to collect a "name". Penn isn't even a top 10 WW, his record at WW is god awful.

Like I said, beating Penn is bigger than what the records indicate. But I'm sick of young fighters knocking off over the hill past legends and everyone acting like they did the unthinkable. Thiago Alves knee'd Hughes in the face and people went ape shit as if it was so impressive. Cain KO'd an immobile Big Nog. Bader beats a fat Rampage who didn't care anymore.

Rory should real dominate this fight if he is the prospect everyone thinks he is. Is young but has a lot of experience for a young guy, trains with GSP and one of the best gyms in the sport, has a massive size/strength advantage, has cardio advantage, is fighting a guy coming out of retirement who can't go more than 1 or 2 rounds. He should cruise.
Lol wut? Cain is the last person to beat a 100% healthy and in shape Nog.

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