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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
My point is that people blame Dana for everything. Chael vs. Jones. Declining numbers. The works. I never hear a word against the Fertitas. Or Joe Silva. Are people honestly so blind that they believe Dana runs the entire operation himself? There are a myriad of people involved. If the Fertitas or Joe Silva (and others) hated this fight, I doubt it would be happening.

People complain when there aren't enough 'big' main events or name brand fighters on a card. And so the UFC goes out of its way to give the fans just that, and all of a sudden Dana is driving the company into the ground. It's nonsense.
He's not to blame for the declining ratings, but these matches are his doing, it comes off as if he's rewarded Chael for taking a fight when Dan Henderson couldn't, not because he didn't want to but because he was hurt, and then he's the guy who threw Jones under the bus when the card that he and his team made fell apart because it was only based on one fight, I didn't hear Lorenzo or Joe Silva get on a conference call and blame Jones and Jackson for that.

As for that last part about the fans wanting big fights, it's like I've said Hendricks has sold this fight with his fighting, that's what matters in the end isn't it? If a guy talks shit but he's a painfully boring fighter are people really gonna watch him? Of course this doesn't apply to Nick, I dislike him but I don't find him boring, but this fight is basically built off trash talk. I'm sure if you took a poll on what people thought the outcome would be of GSP/Diaz and GSP/Hendricks both fights would be massively in favor of GSP, the only thing that's different in these fights would be build up, we'll see Nick say something like "He's a bitch, and I'm gonna knock his ***** ass out" where as Hendricks "I believe I can knock him out, and that's what I'm gonna do"

Nick Diaz didn't earn this shot, he talked his way into it, but I'll sit back watch the fight and then when Nick gets beat after five rounds he'll throw a hissy fit, act like a spoiled child who didn't get his way and he'll probably quit, again, just like he did against Condit.

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