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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
If the fight sells, it won't be because of Hendricks. GSP could square off against a broom and still pull the best numbers in the company. I feel for Hendricks. It's a raw deal. But suck it up and fight on. Plenty of us experience letdowns and setbacks each and everyday, but we don't cry to the masses or threaten to sit on the sidelines until we get our way. I see his point, and truthfully, he is the rightful contender. But the public tantrum and pleading is unnecessary. This isn't a case of Dan Henderson, where his days are legitimately numbered. Hendricks is a young man. If he's the chosen one, his time will come.

JDS practically had to walk through a dozen men to get his title shot, and when that dream was held up, he didn't whine and complain. He took another fight, won, and look at where he is now. Hendricks needs to see the bigger picture.
JDS didn't get passed up for a guy coming off a loss though, he made his way through the rankings but there two guys that were also undefeated in the UFC ahead of him in Carwin and Cain and those guys earned their title shots before Junior.

I get what you're saying but it still makes the UFC look bad, like I've said, politics ruined Boxing, they can ruin MMA, these fights are solely being made for money but I don't know if people are gonna be up for Edgar, Sonnen(especially Sonnen) and Diaz all getting title shots coming off losses, it may backfire on them, I expect it to for Jones/Sonnen.

Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
good posting

It's gonna be so funny reading your reaction to Georges retiring your boy.

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