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day 18
Got the 30-minute jog in.
got 5x25 pushups and 5x75 crunches during our warmup.
we did a 3-minute cycle x 5 rounds.
went with bobby an assistant coach and worked on mitt work.

I went for 2 sessions.

I went up against ricky one of the team-captains who is a left-handed fighter a southpaw. We went for 3-minutes. I noticed that I was up on the balls of my feet most of the night, which is what you want. I didn't take too many shots with ricky. We were real light if you want to describe it as such. We tied up 3-4 times, it was an interesting experience. In the old gym we never really tied up.

Right at the end of the night I had asked one of the hispanic fighters who boxes out of CW boxing in omaha to spar with me. His name is Arturo Commacho, who is 16 and maybe 140 pounds. I made sure to tell my coach "jeff" that I wanted 2 rounds.

I was not so lucky with Arturo comparatively to ricky in the respect that I blocked his strikes. I wasn't able to land near as efficiently as I had with ricky. I tried to dance more. 2nd round I landed a couple jabs. I know that I landed a few jabs, then I saw Arturo back up...I went in for a few hooks, some of them may have landed I'm not sure. I tied up with him several times. Arturo's experience paid off in the end during the 2nd round, he lit me up with jabs and rights. I was bloody right at the tail end of the 1st round. At the end of the 2nd I had blood all around my chin, mouth, and my right eye was encased in drying blood.

From what coach Jeff told me after going the 2 rounds with Arturo, he is an open fighter with more than 50 fights to his name.

I had no idea that I was so bloody, I knew I was tagged in the nose, but I never knew my face looked gruesome.

When I talked over the 2 rounds with coach, he was telling me when I get bloody and my face gets slathered with it that's why everyone is so concerned. All I know is God is taking care of me, if I am really hurt I'll take a breather.

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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