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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
That's wrong. We don't have any proof you are not gay, bank robber, drug dealer or a scumbag, so how would you feel someone spreading negative suppositions about your reputation until you could work on showing evidence in your behalf? Do you think that would be fair?

Most "proofs" we have are articles posted by reporters who collected info from camps, fighters themselves, fighters friends, coaches. Most of them are words passed along. What you want? Documents for any sort of declaration? How you pick who to believe who not to believe? Anybody could be lying then. Even forging documents, easy thing to do to, for example, to justify absence from work in a given day.

Do I need to see all the medical record of Cain to accept he was hurt? Do I have to believe Big Nog had an arm broken only when I see it snapping live? No non evident lesion should be accepted then?

Innocent until proven guilty is a principle. To twist it like you are doing is just to be mean on purpose.
This is the very core of the issue you are missing.

Thanks god you are no Judge.
Well, I am an openly gay drug dealing, bank robbing scumbag, so that's pretty much water off a duck's back to me, mate.

Seriously though, you've got what I'm saying wrong here. I don't use "claims" as a synonym for "lies" - we never see proof that these guys are injured pre-fight, so I take it as a claim that may or may not be true, rather than a fact. I've already said that I don't really care if they're telling the truth or not, it pisses me off either way.

Innocent until proven guilty is fine in a court of law but to go around your entire life believing everything people say until you can prove otherwise is just plain naive.
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