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private-session with jeff

day 19
I warmed up with a 30-minute jog.
the situps/pushups. 5x75 and 5x25.
then 10x20 hanging knees with 30-second breaks.

We worked on wrestling take downs and some clinch work.

An outside single swirl take-down as he called it.

Your rear foot would come near the heel of the front, then the front foot would go to the outside of their lead with the shin of your lead leg on the ground.

From here wrap underneath the leg with the lead hand, drive your head down and grasp the leg with your other hand.

From here step back with the lead and to the side and make a circle from left to right.

The other was a overhand and under-hook grapple.

My right hand would go over the shoulder and cusp the neck, my left hand would go under and grab the shoulder, and my head would drive into the side of the throat.

After dominating the position you drop the underhook and circle from left to right. When you do you are dragging him to the floor. When you are going down you are taking his back and are right in position to go for the rear-naked choke.

Because his hands are on the ground, shoot the left arm in for the choking arm...then release the right hand and sink the choke.

After drilling each of these take downs about 50 times each we went to the boxing ring put gloves on and worked on my footwork and head movement.

He was showing me direction changes, and how he was wanting me to move my upper body.

I guess I've held my upper body real rigid.

After a little bit he had me work on defensive striking with the movement.

I noticed I did better with avoiding the incoming strikes, and landed a few jabs first when he was coming in.

It ended up being a 2-hour session.

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