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Just watched the post fight conference.

Apparently he said "he'll cross that bridge when he gets there." Then he backtracked and said no, probably not since GSP helped em a lot and he did not want to "backstab em," plus "tri-star has done a lot for his career."

That I do respect. But it still puts a lot of questions in the air. Will they eventually fight or is this the reason why GSP will officially move up.

After reflecting on this fight. BJ at 170 is like a V4 engine vs everyone who's a V8, at least at 155 he's running on a V6. He's simply outmatched. He could have beaten Hughes II, GSP first time, and Fitch had he not gassed. Simple as that. It's too taxing on his body to go a full three rounds even. I don't even want to see a five rounder. But in 155 he goes a full five rounds no problem. He lost the fight against Edgar the first time. I don't think he took em seriously enough. That's what put em on a tail spin. Go back to 155 reclaim the throne or at least work his way up to contender status and bow out gracefully. Heck BJ at 145 vs Aldo would be extremely interesting.

BJ brings in Hughes and he almost beats Fitch. This guy surrounds himself with a bunch of yes men. Nobody pushes em. Same scenario with Fedor and Mirco. How can you achieve optimal performances and evolve without training against people who can kick your butt on a daily basis. That's the only way to improve and test yourself.

Flip side the LHW title holder, Rory, and the plethora of rising stars are where they are today because of their training camps. Talent will only get them so far. Just like the Lakers. You can have all the stars in the world, but without the ZEN MASTER to guide you through it's just a bit tougher.

I think BJ will bounce back. Nate Diaz went through the same odyssey.

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