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Originally Posted by suniis View Post
BJ is just being annoying...

Why does he insist in fighting at WW?? All he does is bring some pressure for the first half of the first round, and then ends up getting battered for the rest of the fight.

I thought it was hard to watch against Nick, but last night was worse IMO. He's got great heart and doesn't give up, but he is still getting his ass kicked.

However, we all know that even if he doesn't get the LW belt back (which he could perhaps), at least he would be very competitive...

Unless he knows that the same thing would happen to him at LW, but without the excuse of losing to bigger guys...

I don't know...I'm puzzled by BJ's refusal to fight at his natural weight class...
My guess (and based on the advice of his corner throughout the fight) is they were hoping BJ would just get in a scrap, and land a lucky bomb or haymaker.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I don't think he wants to cut weight anymore. People have always questioned his desire, his dedication to training, etc -- and personally I don't think he wants to cut weight anymore.

Rory is young, and cuts to 170 from about 200 (bigger than GSP), and he probably doesn't break much of a sweat doing it. BJ came in 2 pounds under the limit at 168, I doubt he even cut any weight. He just came in "as is" so to speak. So I think for BJ, it's a choice of cut from ~170 to 155, or just take fights at WW, and I think BJ, being his bone-headed self is just taking fights against larger opponents.

Or maybe I'm wrong - maybe he wanted to fight the guy who everyone is calling the 2nd coming of GSP at welterweight? Maybe he thought if he beat Rory he would have some sort of revenge on TriStar gym. I have no idea - all I know is he got his ass kicked again, and he should probably retire.

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