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Originally Posted by EVERLOST View Post
I think its amazing anyone calls either humiliating. Nobody in the forum will have a career like either guy and I think talking about either is in bad taste. Bunch of arm chair fighters indeed. Chuck got Koed swingin. BJ needed to drop weight. Neither ever had bad fights per say and both always fought top competition. It is what it is. But I would never say either ended in humiliation. Tim Sylvia if anyone. Chuck and BJ never let themselves go to to a ridiculous weight or left the UFC to get destroyed.
With all due respect, I think you're a little confused about what the point of a forum is. It exists for people to talk online about MMA stuff. I don't think anybody is saying, "I could do better!" when they talk about BJ or Chuck's career. It's an online forum created for the purpose of talking about MMA, so we're.....talking about MMA.

It shouldn't have to be stated every post you make that you are talking about the fighters, in comparison to other professional fighters, not the people on the forum, I think we can take that for granted.
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