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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
It annoys the **** out of me the way mma fans are sometimes. Everyone loves the guy before this fight. Now he puts a beating on an old dog and forums turn on the guy. Not saying that's what youre doing. If you don't like him that's fine but I mean Jesus he gets shit for being a hipster yet a lot of people seem to only like guys on the way up then they take a step into a more public eye and they get hated on.

I've never met Jon so I don't know everyone I know that has met him said he was a nice guy. But I spent the better half of my summer training with Rory and he was a really likeable and very nice guy. So I understand I'm biased but what has he done that brings him all this hate? He dresses with some style and calls out a guy that pulled out a crazy finish and beat him with second left.

I just don't get it. I defend forums all the time to people and say that they aren't just filled with guys that never step in gyms and guys that don't train and people who are active socially outside of w.o.w and that not all of them are girlfriendsless keyboard warriors then I see stuff like the hate coming out for Rory and his clothes or people bitching about asinine things and I feel like I need to stop defending the internet.

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Yea man I see your point and regarding the internet, well yea it's true what you say about many forums. I do think this place is better though & many or even most of the posters here are really decent people who actually have a life & all that.

In my defense I started disliking Rory before his fight was even announced. But like I said I never met him so who knows.

Forum-talk shouldn't bee taken seriously tho, I mean I normally root for people I can somewhat relate to that also bring a good fight to the octagon, Rory is an awsome fighter, I just can't realte to him as a person.
I do agree tho that sometimes we get caught up in what we see on TV and judge people way to quickly.

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