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The reasons he wasn't getting any respect is because of the second Frankie fight, he hasn't finished a fight yet.

Funny enough his Jesus rants don't bother me at all, I don't hate the fact he hasn't finished a fight in the UFC yet, although it's only a matter of time until SOMEONE brings it up, if he doesn't finish someone soon the same people who blast GSP for not finishing will soon be on his tail, what I have a problem is the same reason many people have/had a problem with him, the second Frankie Edgar fight. Look throughout the annuals of MMA history and you'll see that a guy who wins a controversial decision gets a lot of shit, Lyoto Machida after the first Shogun fight is a perfect example of this, you win a fight many feel you shouldn't have and the fans are coming for you with cries of robbery.

He destroyed Nate, complete domination from bell to bell and he should get his props for that, some of his detractors will go away and people will probably give him a lot more respect, which he deserves. He erased some of the stigma around him, of course the Atheist crowd will always be on his case, so that's always gonna be there but for me, he hasn't shown me anything that could lead me to believe he's gonna win a rematch with Pettis, he may be the Champion and that's all fine and dandy but Pettis was the better man the first time and when and they will indeed fight again, I promise you that, when they meet once more the result will be the same and his title reign will once again come to an end at the hands of Showtime except this time, it's gonna be a UFC belt that gets put on Anthony and not the WEC one.

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