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Originally Posted by AmdM View Post
Why the hell should Joe Silva/ UFC give Rory top contenders?
I mean, if he says he won't fight GSP and we all know that belt ain't gonna change hands any time soon, giving Rory fights against contenders would just serve to screw people careers and the WW div rankings.
Unless of course, the UFC wants to deliberately derail unwanted low draw fighters...
That's the beauty of a Koscheck fight.

Does anyone here honestly wanna see St. Pierre/Koscheck III? No you don't, not unless you downright detest Koscheck, so why not give him this fight? You can't send Rory to the bottom of the pile, he's been fighting the Che Mills and the Mike Pyle's long enough and he showed two years ago he had potential to be a star, potential he's living up to.

So if you take the two factors into account that Rory won't fight GSP and people aren't exactly banging down the walls to see a third GSP/Koscheck fight it makes a lot of sense to do MacDonald vs. Koscheck.

I get what you're saying, but this isn't the exact case here, it's not like he's in the same situation Hendricks and Ellenberger are in where they haven't fought GSP yet, Koscheck has twice and he lost both times, so this is a "top contender" they can afford to book against Rory because if he loses, well....nothing is really lost because they don't have any intention of doing GSP/Koscheck III.

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