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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
This should be completely irrelevant, no matter what the discussion is.

It's BJs fault for taking fights against much bigger fighters. He can challenge himself at lightweight too -- I really doubt he would beat the top lightweights of today.

The beatings and damage he is taking by fighting these bigger WW guys is probably worse on his body than cutting weight is, anyways.

I don't see it as BJ "challenging" himself against bigger guys. There's plenty of skilled guys out there his own size, he just doesn't want to cut the weight to make 155. Some combination of laziness and stupidity if you ask me.

Edit: that said, I don't see him ever being cut from the UFC. He's just slipping more and more out of relevance. He could have been a gatekeeper at LW at one point I think -- instead he's become a punching bag at WW.
Your damn right there. The guy can't be bothered to cut 5 lbs to make lightweight. Who does he think he is assuming he can beat guys a weight class, maybe even two weight classes above where he should be fighting. Also the fact that he was saying he needs to drop bodyfat to beat Rory, assuming that is enough in this era of MMA is ridiculous.

He doesn't have any high level training partners, he doesn't do any high level strength and conditioning, he has a one dimensional boxing game. You cannot half arse everything and expect to win these days. The top fighters are elite athletes who make training a science and do everything they can to be the best.

BJ could rest on his laurels half a decade ago and still beat everyone not named GSP. But no longer. It just irratates me that we heard all this drivel about his fire being reignited (not the first time this rubbish has been spouted either) only to watch such a horrendous performance.

If BJ wants to be in the greatest ever convo, he needs to drop to 145 and beat Aldo to become the first person ever to win the title in 3 weight classes. He could easily make the weight in my opinion if he is walking around at a soft 160. He just needs to put the effort in.

Apologies for going off on one here. BJ just frustrates me so much by being lazy and doing all the wrong things and being a terrible example to young up and coming fighters. it is such a shame to see my former favourite fighter act and fight the way he is.
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