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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
He beat a Diaz brother fair and square without having to resort to dirty tricks. He has my respect as a fighter.

But the second someone identifies them self as a Christian, Mulsim or Jew I just feel sorry for them. Same way I would if someone told me they were a Zoroastrian.

When you make your religion a large part of your 'character' in the UFC you have to expect a good chunk of the population to write you off as a wackjob. Loads of guys are christians, they don't have to make it the central thrust of everything they say when a microphone gets put in front of them.

But hey, he can do what he likes. It's his life.

I don't think anyone has a real reason to disrespect his ability to win fights.
Yeah we get it, you don't have any religious convictions and laugh at the idea of it. Your completely entitled to your opinion just like everyone else is. Same reason someone who has faith would feel sorry for you for being a lost soul. (And no, not me. I'm not overly religious but I'm not a big enough tool to act differently to someone who isn't or is.)

Anyway, Ben absolutely dominated Nate. After the second Frankie fight, he needed to do this to prove to everyone he deserves where he's at right now. I think Pettis beats him in a rematch again, but he's deserving of his belt now in my eyes.
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