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In answer to the OPs question, I don't think he does. Some of the comments on this thread are evidence to support this. I'll be honest, I always respected him as a fighter, but a champion? No, not really. Not until I saw the Diaz fight that is. Complete domination. I was really really, yes two reallys, impressed with his domination from top position. His sub defence was spot on as usual. I kept jumping off my seat whenever he took Diaz' back hoping for a RNC. Unlikely against Nate but Big Nog did get submitted not too long ago so I'll never rule anything out.

One thing I really don't understand how people can judge Benson on his faith. To me that is the same as judging a fighter on their race, creed, gender or sexuality. Its got F*ck all to do with his ability as a fighter so why even mention it? The dudes a monster at 155 and after the Diaz fight I can proudly say I'm now a Benson fan.

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