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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
In answer to the OPs question, I don't think he does. Some of the comments on this thread are evidence to support this. I'll be honest, I always respected him as a fighter, but a champion? No, not really. Not until I saw the Diaz fight that is. Complete domination. I was really really, yes two reallys, impressed with his domination from top position. His sub defence was spot on as usual. I kept jumping off my seat whenever he took Diaz' back hoping for a RNC. Unlikely against Nate but Big Nog did get submitted not too long ago so I'll never rule anything out.

One thing I really don't understand how people can judge Benson on his faith. To me that is the same as judging a fighter on their race, creed, gender or sexuality. Its got F*ck all to do with his ability as a fighter so why even mention it? The dudes a monster at 155 and after the Diaz fight I can proudly say I'm now a Benson fan.
Well, imagine another fighter winning and crediting it to his race.

"I would like to thank my white parents for raising me up. All this won't be possible if I ain't white!"

I doubt the people here are unhappy about Benson believing in Jesus. They are unimpressed by him raising the issue of his faith after every fight.

To be back on topic, I respected Benson as a person before the Diaz fight. Didn't think much of him as a champion though. I believe that Edgar definitely won the rematch between them two, and thus I didn't feel Benson deserved the belt around his waist. However, he did put on a very impressive and convincing win over Diaz. If he continues to dominate like he did against Diaz, he would gain my respect as a champion.

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