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Entertaining card, but a sad night

UFC on FOX 5 was a thoroughly entertaining card with some great match ups, but even despite all of the action, I didn't enjoy the other night at all.

BJ Penn and Shogun are two of my all time favourite fighters and seeing them lose like that was pretty horrible to watch for me personally. I guess I'm one of the dinosaur MMA fans now, because all of these old school fighters getting stomped on by the "new breed" athletes has left me feeling a bit bitter.

I really didn't want to see BJ come back after the Diaz fight at all initially, I wanted him to stay retired for good and just enjoy life in Hilo. But, the classic pre-fight hype and trash talk got to me and I started believing that BJ was "back" again. (Should have known better really).

It's always a joy to watch Shogun fight, the man defines true warrior spirit. I personally think he's one of the most undervalued and under respected fighters in the entire sport. Now seeing him fight on only heart alone makes me a sad panda. But it is actually quite amazing how well he's doing in the division fighting solely on heart, what a beast.

I was fairly neutral for the Diaz/Bendo fight (slight favouritism towards Nate, but I've been a fan of Bendo since his early WEC days) so I got to sit back and fully enjoy this fight. Man did Nate get tossed around all over the octagon like a rag doll lulz. Didn't expect him to get dominated so badly on the ground like that.

Any ways I'm rambling now. Any other dinosaurs out there who feels the same way about the other nights card? Seeing these new breed guys clear out the old schoolers is depressing.
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