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Good topic.

BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez- let's make this a 162 lbs catchweight fight
I like Sanchez better, but probably Penn. The closer to 155 it is, the better chance Penn has of winning.

Benson Henderson vs Anthony Pettis
Bendo as he's been on such a role lately.

Dan Henderson vs Anderson Silva- let's make this a 195lbs catchweight
You can't pick against Silva. You just can't.

Andrei Arlovski vs Roy Nelson
Nelson because an infant breathing could KO Arlovski.

Carlos Condit vs Rory MacDonald
VERY tough call. I love Condit and don't like Rory but so tough. Sliiiight favor towards Rory but it's just so close that I hope they fight again.

Dan Henderson vs Rampage Jackson
Hendo because anyone with remote TD ability would beat Rampage if they wanted to. And neither would get KO'd I don't think.

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