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Penn vs. Sanchez
Depends on if it's 3 rounds or 5. With 3 rounds BJ should be able to win the first 2 rounds before fading in the 3rd. With 5 rounds Sanchez will be able to use his cardio and pace to gas out BJ and take the last 3 rounds.

Bendo vs. Pettis
Benson takes it. The first fight was pretty even until the Showtime kick sealed the deal. Since then, Benson has gone back to the drawing board and come back much improved. Smarter, better skills, better everything. Pettis hasn't really progressed since those days.

Hendo vs. Silva
Silva wins it however he wants. He might just clown Hendo before putting him away with a highlight reel KO.

Arlovski vs. Nelson
Nelson takes this one easy. Once you hit Arlovski he either falls over out cold or gets panicked and becomes easy pickings.

Condit vs. Rory Mac
This one's a total coinflip. Both fighters have improved hugely since their first fight, both of them are animals and stone cold killers. I think this one comes down to who's having a better day when they fight, or who gets the lucky break.

Hendo vs. Rampage
Hendo takes this one. Rampage checked out after his final fight with Wandy. Hendo still comes in to put a beating on people while Rampage is just there for the paycheck.
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