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I've seen the changing of the guard several times through the course of this young sport and it's certainly not easy to digest.

The absolute worst to see was Fedor, Crocop, Chuck, and even Wand getting brutalized. For so many years they ruled with an iron fist.

Before that Ken Shamrock was the most dangerous man on the planet at one point in time. He truly was this yoked out athletic specimen who could do heel hooks out of nowhere. He beat Bas Rutten. Then Tito came in and pounded him out into oblivion.

Royce drew with Ken in a super fight and barely beat Kimo. Years later he would be outmatched by Hughes.

Carlos Newton was "new school" combining all facets of the game beating Pat Militech then losing against Hughes in a controversial match. Anderson Silva would later on take him out in devastating fashion.

Frank Shamrock was the original GSP then he loses to Cung and Diaz which he NO DOUBT in his prime could have won. He's way bigger than Diaz and all he had to do was control em in the clinch and on the ground.

Mark Coleman the originator of the GNP was simply too outdated. Surprised he lasted all three rounds against Shogun.

BJ, Wandy, Belfort, Shogun, Big Nog, Lil Nog, followed by GSP and Anderson Silva will probably be next. Only the latter two seem to be dictating the outcome on their own terms.

In conclusion it's like seeing Michael Jordan leave the NBA. That sucked. But the show must go on.

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