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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
So, a buddy of mine sold me a 2004 Nissan outboard 4 stroke 6HP motor for 20 bucks because he said it was junk and wasn't working right.

After a few days of thinking and working on it, I've figured out that the motor was clogged with salt. It took me like 30 minutes with a knife to scrape all of it out. Now it runs perfectly, fires up with a single pull, sounds great, the pump is working great water flowing nicely, etc.

Paid 20 bucks for a $500-600 (give or take) motor, and it will replace the current one on my boat as well 'cause the one I have is a 2 stroke 6HP, this one is a 4 stroke and has much higher fuel efficiency.
Good stuff. Some people don't want to look into things and take the easier (this time stupider) road.
Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Came home from work Friday night and some cat was crying outside of my house. Opened up the door and it just came darting into the house. Proper nice cat, chilled out and really loving. Tried ringing the contact number on it's collar but it said the number was invalid. So kept it over the weekend, got attached.... Some one came to pick it up just before, the owner of the cat lives on the other street but is in hospital, so a relative comes round to feed the cats.

Pretty gutted, wanted to keep her. Fare well Mo Mo.
Looks like someone is taking a cat in the future.

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